One Week To Go

It seems absolutely crazy that in just one week I will be on a plane heading towards Florence, Italy! How did it all lead to this?

Cue wind chimes.

About a year ago I started seriously thinking about studying abroad. My brother went to Edinburgh when he was in college, and I’ve known that I wanted to go abroad since then. Except, honestly, how could I leave HPU? I only have eight semesters at the college equivalent of Disney World, and I’m about to give one up to go some place else? Until I realized one important thing: I’m not leaving HPU to go to UNCG. I’d be going to EUROPE. And in the grand scheme of things, becoming culturally enriched is probably more important than eating my weigh in filet mignon. Probably. Also, proportionally, I’d have seven semesters at HPU and one abroad, so I’d still be eating a lot of steak.

Picking where to go turned out to be more difficult than I expected. When I first started looking into places, I had no desire to go anywhere “typical” of study abroad students. That meant England, France, and, yes, Italy. I was looking at places like Russia, South Africa, and the Czech Republic. But then doors started closing in my face. This place didn’t offer the Gen Eds I still needed to take. This place didn’t have theatre classes. This place simply didn’t interest me. So I freaked out for a bit, and then started over. I looked for places that would benefit me and my future, and not just a fun place to visit.

Then I found it. Lorenze de’ Medici in Florence, Italy offers fashion classes. Considering I’m a techincal theatre major with a focus in costume design, that seemed like the best possible option out there. But wait, they offer COOKING classes? And a club about traditional Italian dances?? Not to mention that Florence is the number three place to visit in the world??? That’s it. I’m hooked. I’m done. Florence it is.

Once that decision was made, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. And God kept affirming my choice at every turn: everybody I talk to has nothing but praise for Florence, even the internet likes that place.

Right now I’m sitting in bed watching Netflix wishing I was hanging out with my friends who are all together at school. But in one week I will be in a completely different county, six hours ahead of y’all, living the dream.


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