HPU, I Love You

This weekend I traveled up to HPU to visit my friends one last time before I fly off (two dayssss what what?!). I drove to see my sister on Thursday, then Friday morning I drove to HPU. I spent the entire time enjoying the presence of my best friends. And eating crepes and cookie skillets and watching HPU beat UNC Asheville in basketball. Being with them reminds me just how lucky I am in life. I am going to the best school in America, and I am friends with the coolest people there. Going back brought back all of my initial concerns about leaving HPU. How could I?! It’s so much fun there! My friends are there!

Especially the one dressed as a cow.

Somebody will probably complain that this picture isn’t the most flattering it could be for them. And to that I just laugh, because they are all stunning, beautiful girls, who I will miss very, very much. I hope you all have a fantastic semester, but not too great because I won’t be there and that’s just not fair. Go to Prime and eat steak for me. Go to Mercy Hill and worship with me (because I’ll be doing it too across the pond!) Go see the shows, because they’ll be awesome. And please, please don’t forget about me! Maybe if you do all that I’ll consider bringing you a present.


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