Wow. Airports.

Today (and technically yesterday although it’s all one big day for me) has been completely insane. Awesome, exciting, and probably too much responsibility for me to handle.

The airport was practically empty. There was no line at the Delta desk, so I got my boarding pass immediately. Not the right kind of boarding pass, but I’ll get to that later. I also totally creeped on another girl’s tickets, and she had the exact same flights as me, heading towards Florence.

Mom and I sat down together in some chairs by security, since there are no restaurants on this side. After we parted ways, I zipped through security in about a minute, found my terminal, and sat down. Like I said, the airport was slow.

My first flight to Atlanta was practically empty! The economy comfort was full and then there was like twenty of us in economy. The flight attendant went around asking us, “Do you hate each other? Do you want to sit apart?” We were in the air and on the ground again before I knew it.

IMG_3591 IMG_3592

I met up with the girl who was also going to Florence (Courtney) after we exited the plane, and we went to the next terminal together. She goes to UGA, and is also studying abroad, but at a different university. We arrived at the terminal as the plane was already boarding. The “boarding pass” I was handed at Delta had no seat number on it, so I went up to the desk to ask. She says, “This is your flight itinerary Miss True!” But luckily she just quickly printed me out tickets for that flight and the next.

While boarding I was behind a friend of Courtney’s, who heard us talking. We passed by the economy comfort class and she pointed out that we just passed the row on my ticket. So, yeah. I got upgraded to economy comfort, which means wider seats and more legroom! Maybe there’s more to it than that, but I’ll let you know in four months when I have to fly economy back home.

I was between two middle aged men who knew each other, but they were perfectly polite, and didn’t bother me when I got up to use the bathroom or just be generally irritating with elbows and feet. I had a great plan for sleeping at a European-time bedtime, and I had been so tired during the first flight and the movie I watched, but when it came time to actually get some sleep, I got maybe one rough hour.

The Charles de Gaulle airport is very big, and architecturally beautiful. I did a lot of walking, went through security, and got my passport stamped (woot) before I could find my terminal. Now as I write this I’m surrounded by a bunch of other girls who are also attending LdM, but, much to my mom’s chagrin, I’m not bothering to talk to them.


Finishing this blog post up several hours later, I did end up talking to them. On the plane. Our last flight was practically filled with study abroad students.

First impression of Florence: FREEZING. I slept fitfully on the plane so I didn’t see it from the air. Getting my bag and leaving the airport was weirdly easy. Once my bag showed up (maybe ten minutes after getting off the plane), I followed other people, and ended up outside. I got a taxi with another girl attending LdM, and went to our check-in point.

That’s all for now. Later tonight I’ll write a post about my first impressions of Florence. But right now, this girl’s gotta sleep.


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