I’m Supposed To Be Learning Here

We are halfway into the second week of classes. Remarkably, I haven’t even repeated some of my classes yet. Except for Italian, everything is two and a half or five hours long, depending on whether or not it’s a lab. I’ve provided a rundown of classes for those interested in what I do all week, or for those interested in studying abroad here in the future (dooooo ittttt).

schedule spring 2015

Mondays I get to sleep in. It’s pretty great having almost a four day weekend. Brittany, one of my flatmates, has no classes on Mondays so she literally does. Yesterday I slept in then spent the afternoon trolling the San Lorenzo markets for a quality black leather bag to hold my books. I got one today, and haggled it down 55%!

At 4:30 I have my Italian class. It’s the farthest away, about an eight minute walk, and yesterday was the first time I didn’t get lost on my way there. We’re learning basic stuff; alphabet, numbers, “the” (eight different versions!). It’s impossibly hard to not switch to French. There are nine people in my class, three boys, six girls, one of whom is from Mexico.

Tuesdays I have to wake up early to go to History of Costume. We’re working our way through history learning about what people wore in different time periods. Togas, klainas, and so on.

I eat a quick snack then it’s off to Current Trends in Italian Cuisine. We walk in to class and ingredients and supplies are already on the table. Our professor gives us a quick lesson (ancient food traditions today), then he shows us how to make the meal, and we are set loose. Today we made swordfish with salmorglio sauce. After he samples our dish and gives us feedback, we get to chow down. Oh and we also have uniforms. Easily the best class I’m taking.

Sleek and stylin

Wednesdays I have to wake up early again to get to Fashion Illustration. This is my FIVE HOUR class. Luckily I am receiving credit for it. Also lucky it will probably be really freaking awesome. Last week we spent the first half of class getting supplies, and then after break we started drawing fashion model bodies. Their proportions are longer than a normal human’s. Eventually we’ll have whole classes on faces and hands, and goodness knows I need it.

Two hours later I have Italian again. See above for details.

Thursdays are spent sleeping in until 3:30, when I have Textile Science. Yes yet another fashion class, which just goes to show how awesome my life is. We talked about (what else?) textiles last week and their uses. That will be a very interesting class, and hopefully useful for my career.

After class I normally spend some time at home, talking with my flatmates, whom I get along with great.

From left to right, Brittany, Tony, Lana, Livia, Kip, and me. The boys live downstairs, not with us.

Also a lot of time is spent with our attention devoted to food. That includes grocery shopping, which is frequent; cooking, which is too often; and eating, which is ALL THE TIME. Living without a meal plan means learning how to properly cook. It also means making mistakes but eating it anyways because I’m poor. We don’t eat out a whole lot, but when we do it is sooo worth it. Saturday we spent the whole day outside, and rewarded ourselves with going to Gusta Pizza for dinner, a restaurant that was recommended to us by many different people. Since it didn’t open till 7 we found a cafe to sit in, and I got ciccolata calda, or hot chocolate. Also pretty much hot chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top.

I will eat my weight in these before I leave.
Prosciutto-stuffed pasta with homemade sauce!
Homemade cookie skillet. Bringing an HPU staple overseas.

Every day I experience new things in this beautiful city. Every day is a joy and a blessing to be here.


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